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What Precisely is Reseller Web Hosting?

There are plenty of ways of gaining revenue on the World Wide Web and one of them is to sell the web hosting services provided by some hosting corporation. This offers vast possibilities for everyone who wishes to gain extra cash. There are various varieties of reseller web hosting solutions, based on the web hosting reseller's level of involvement and, of course, on the provider that offers the hosting service. Prior to looking into that, let's first explore

What is a reseller web hosting solution?

A reseller web hosting service is a sort of web hosting user account, which enables the user to set up separate subaccounts that can be offered to different customers. This is chiefly accomplished by giving the reseller access to a main reseller web hosting account, via which he can set up various hosting accounts utilizing the web hosting server hard disk space offered by the reseller web hosting package, for which he pays a certain charge. This is a lot similar to the shared web hosting service and precisely like it, with most reseller web hosting programs, numerous reseller hosting accounts share a single web hosting server and do not obtain full root-level access to the server config files. Such reseller programs are usually not that high-priced. However, they do restrain the resellers from supplying other sorts of hosting services aside from shared packages.

Various forms of reseller web hosting services

Beside the aforementioned mode of reseller web hosting packages, there are also several different ways that work just as good. However, they vary with respect to the degrees of involvement and the budget amount that each of them demands. As stated above, the most popular method of selling web hosting services gives you restricted alternatives and you risk forfeiting your capital if things don't go well. That is the reason why, larger web hosting service providers like provide different methods of reselling hosting packages without having to purchase anything in advance, or to even be responsible for the provision of customer and billing support. With their reseller web hosting program, the reseller signs up free of charge and specifies his very own retail prices for the solutions, which are being sold directly from his online store. As billing transactions are tackled by's personnel, the reseller does not need to buy the web hosting service upfront. He's simply going to obtain the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price as a commission. The reseller also has the chance to provide web hosting services like VPS web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting and dedicated web hosting. More or less, his job entails popularizing the web hosting service and providing support to the end customers and with hosting service providers that do not request upfront fees and tackle the billing and technical support provision, the sole task left for the hosting reseller will be to popularize his private brand's web store. Another option will be to set up separate accounts on a virtual hosting server, or on a dedicated web hosting server. With most hosting distributors, you may get those 2 hosting services with a cPanel, DirectAdmin, or some different web hosting Control Panel, already installed on them. That will enable you to create different shared hosting packages and exercise complete authority over both the users and the server itself. Also, on a dedicated web server, you may create various private virtual web server hosting accounts and resell them to your clients. One dedicated hosting server may shelter thousands of private virtual server hosting accounts, based on the web server's architecture. This will enable you to deliver a larger assortment of web hosting services to your customers, which will furnish you with more opportunities when popularizing your web store. Sure enough, utilizing a VPS web hosting server or a dedicated hosting web server for reseller web hosting objectives is much more costly than utilizing a conventional reseller web hosting account. That is why, this option should be considered only on condition that the hosting reseller has enough understanding and practice required to manage a server, otherwise it's advisable to either opt for a standard reseller web hosting program, or for the aforementioned Free Reseller Program offered by, which demands less involvement from the hosting reseller.